Shipping & Returns

Shipping  costs

As far as products are not ordered for download, shipping must be paid by the custumer. Shipping is calculated exactly during the check out process. As far as possible products are delivered with german post. Abacom-Ingenieurgesellschaft GbR may select any other delivery service, which has no effect on the calculated shipping cost.

Delivery times

Delivery times last from customers payment to receiption of goods. Payments are monitored every working day (mo.-fr.). Delivery times include times for payment transfers, handling and transportation within Germany. Multiple items in one order are shipped together. In that case the longest delivery time of an individual item is valid.

Download software is delivered within minutes in case of credit card or Paypal payments. In case of bank transfers download software is delivered on the same working day the payment receives at our bank account. 

Software via download 

Software download is free of shipping charges. Customers need to download their products from our server themselves and take over costs for their Internet connection. The customer is informed by email as soon as his order is ready for download which is immediately after payment. Software stays ready for pickup for a minimum of four days after that.

Intracommuntity deliveries to EU countries outside Germany

Business customers that have a valid VAT-ID can place tax-free orders. Therefore custumers must create an account at our webshop first. Your address and VAT-ID will be verified online during this process. After successful verification you can login to your account and place tax-free orders. Customers without an customer account or VAT-ID will be charged with german tax.

Delivery time EU (+ 5 days)

For deliveries from Germany to other EU countries five additional days must be added to the delivery times given for Germany.

Export deliveries to non-EU countries

These are tax-free.

Delivery time worldwide (+ 10 days)

For deliveries from Germany to other non-EU countries ten additional days must be added to the delivery times given for Germany.


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