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AudioWave 2.0

With AudioWave 2.0 your soundcard becomes a comfortable LF-signal-generator, which produces signals from 1Hz to 20 kHz with a resolution of 1 Hz. 

Phase shift between left and right channel is adjustable from –180° to +180° and an attenuator can be used for steps of 0dB, -3dB, -6dB, -10 dB, -20 dB, -30dB. Frequency, level and attenuation can be adjusted independently for left and right channel and optionally left and right channel can be chained. AudioWave produces sine and noise signals, as well as modulated signals. Automatic frequency and level progress is programmable. Complex adjustment can be stored as presets with clear names.

The modulator 



  • Frequency adjustment 1Hz...20 kHz; 1 Hz resolution
  • Direct frequency input via keyboard
  • Soft frequency change
  • Independent or chained control of frequency, level and attenuation for left and right channel
  • Channel mute function
  • Duration up to 60 seconds for modulated signals
  • Unlimited number of presets stored with clear names
  • Clear and trendy design with user-editable colours
  • Programming interface


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