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FrontDesigner 3.0 (DOWNLOAD)

FrontDesigner 3.0 (DOWNLOAD)


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FrontDesigner 3.0 (DOWNLOAD)

Times have changed and there is no need to keep your elaborate electronic project in an old cigar packet any longer. Today specialized dealers offer cases for almost all electronic applications you may think of. But still self-made devices often look quite incomplete, because of a missing front panel design. Use FrontDesigner to design good-looking front panels for your self-made devices and take advantage of the following features:

    • exactly fitting colored and b/w symbols and labels
    • predefined and user-editable library
    • a scale-assistant creates scales for switches, potentiometers and instruments
    • measurement options simplify drilling
    • a mirrored printout to transparent film gives a long-life panel design
The new HPGL export creates PLT files, so you are able to mill and angrave your front panel.
  • and many more ...

Front panel construction with transparent films - Click here!

The FrontDesigner is a software with many special functions to create front panels. The software is equipped with comfortable drawing functions for rectangles, polygons, ellipses, labels, drillings, etc. All objects can be grouped to complex symbols. Specialized functions offer features for rotation, stretching, mirroring, drilling, milling, etc.  Rounded and interpolated contours are possible as well as chamfers.
All functions are easily reachable from dockable tools. It goes without saying that grid and capture options are available with all functions.

FrontDesigner is equipped with a symbol-library, which includes many symbols of different themes like audio, home, climate, vehicle and so on. Of course you can add your own symbols to extend the library. Even bitmaps or metafiles with symbols from the internet or company logos can be added to the library.

FrontDesigner creates measure objects that are ideal as construction aid and for manufacturing instructions. Simply click to two points of the front panel and the distance is calculated automatically. Another click completes the measure object with arrows, lines and figures.

Milling, engraving,... The HPGL-Export
With FrontDesigner you are able to mill or engrave your front panels.
The HPGL export creates plot files, which you can use to produce absolut exact front panels with CNC machines.
Especially for milling and engraving, the FrontDesigner can handle AutoCAD SHX fonts. These fonts are generally defined as “single-stroke” fonts, unlike the windows truetype fonts, and these fonts will guarantee a perfect result.

Panel cuts
Another special feature of FrontDesigner is the panel-cut function. This function creates rectangular or round cuts on your front panel.
By the declaration of the used milling width, the cuttings will be calculated exactly.

FrontDesigner has a comfortable print-preview with several options. Mirrored printouts on transparent films are possible as well as construction plans, which show drilling, millings and measured only.
FrontDesigner is able to make a printout over several pages. So you are able to create printouts uo to 1,80 m. The printout will be divided into several pages automatically.

Innovations of FrontDesigner 3.0

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