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RealView 3.0

It´s never been easier to log data into diagrams. RealView records data from measurement devices and shows a live plot on screen. Make your computer a powerful but inexpensive data recorder.

Log data from any channels you like into one single diagram or assign it to multiple plotters just as needed. Take advantage of the various colour options to create perfectly styled diagrams. If necessary, the software adapts any linear sensor and converts the measured variable and its unit as required. Sample rate can vary from 5 ms up to 30 minutes. There is no duration limit for your measurement, except the space of your harddisc.

RealView gets you started easily.

Many measurement devices from well-known manufactures (purchase separately) can be used with RealView. Especially the combination with our USB-ADC interface is very popular for a wide range of applications. Thanks to a simple serial protocol, you can even log data easily from your µC-based DIY project (Atmel, Arduino, PIC, etc.).

  • Endless recording in practice
  • Clear and individual diagrams
  • Helpful marker and zoom function
  • Formula module
  • Linear sensor adaption
  • Automatic triggers 
  • Cyclic storage
  • CSV export e.g. Excel data transfer
  • Detailed printout

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