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USB DAQ with eight inputs, bundle
DAQ bundle for eight voltage inputs.



RealView is a measurement application, which records and plots measured values from analogue hardware devices in real-time. Several curves can be plotted into a single diagram. Several diagrams can be arranged on one or more pages if necessary. Plot options like pen width or pen color can be used to create perfectly styled diagrams. 

  • Eight bipolar voltage inputs -2,047 V … + 4,095 V (single-ended)
  • Paired channels useable for differential measurements (+/-4,095V)
  • Resolution better than 12 bits ( 1mV per step )
  • Max. 400 samples/sec. ( 2 ms per channel )
  • Convenient screw-terminal connector


Tiny module enclosure 


  • Optional with or without flange
  • Outside: 75 x 50 x 19 mm
  • Inside: 71 x 46 x 15 mm
  • Material ABS
  • White


USB cable, 1.8 m, black  

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