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µ-Controller Set incl. BASCOM AVR
Get started programming µ-controllers and learn more about its possibilities.
Module enclosure
USB cable, 1,8 m, black
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The recommendable and proven development environment BASCOM AVR for hardware projects with Atmel AVR µ-Controllern has largest popularity. Many forums, literature and examples can be found on the Internet to get started.
  • Easy-to-learn BASIC language
  • Compiler for all AVR microcontrollers with internal Memory.
  • Specialized command for LCD displays , I2C- and 1WIRE chips, PC keyboard, matrix keyboard, RC5, software-UART, SPI , graphic LCD, send IR RC5, RC6 or Sony code.
  • and many more...
The µPIO / MCS is ready-made for use with BASCOM AVR (MCS Electronics). Applications designed with BASCOM AVR can easily be transferred to the board via USB. So you do not need any hardware programmer. The installed MCS bootloader will overtake this work. The bootloader occupies 2kB from the total 16kB flash memory.
  • Compact AVR board with Atmel ATmega168-20
  • High speed clock frequency 18.432000 MHz
  • 100% error free High baud rates
  • Screw-terminal and pin connections
  • 6 pin ISP connector
  • Power supply (+5V) via USB or external
  • 3 LED: USB power, COM (RxD) , USER (Port B.5; can be disabled)
  • SOFT-RESET via DTR signal (can be disabled)
  • USB-B connector
  • USB chipset: CH341A
  • Virtual (RS232-)-COM driver (VCP)
  • System requirements: WIN XP/7/8/10,  32/64 Bit
  • Dimensions: approx. 70 x 45 x 15 mm
Tiny module enclosure  
Optional with or without flange
  • Outside: 75 x 50 x 19 mm
  • Inside: 71 x 46 x 15 mm
  • Material ABS
  • White
USB cable, 1.8 m, black
    Documentation and driver

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