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99,90 EUR / Bundle
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USB multimeter and relay board, bundle
Get started with PC based control and measurement applications!
You will receive a powerful USB multimeter VA18B, equipped with useful features like temperature and frequency range. In addition this bundle includes our well-tried software DMM-ProfiLab 4.0 and a USB relay board with eight relays. Start developing simple control applications immediately!
For detailed descriptions click on figures above!
Bundle includes:
  • VA18B Multimeter incl. accessories* and USB interface cable
  • ABACOM DMM-ProfiLab 4.0 software (CD-ROM)
  • ABACOM USB-LRB relay board with eight relays, incl. USB cable
Available option (+60 Euro)
  • ABACOM ProfiLab Expert 4.0 software (CD-ROM) - instead of DMM ProfiLab
System requirements
WIN XP,7,8,10 (x32/x64)
CD-ROM drive
We successfully testet the devices especially under x64.
Latest decice drivers are available here...
For the DVM:
For the relay board:
* As we can not take back empty batteries, the package does not include a battery. A 9V block battery is necessary for operation.
Technical data VA18B




DC Voltage

0.1mV ~ 1000V

± (0.5%+3digits)

DC Current

0.1μA ~ 10A

± (1.2%+3digits)

AC Voltage

1mV ~ 700V

± (1%+3digits)

40Hz ~ 500Hz

AC Current

0.1μA ~ 10A

± (1.5%+3digits)

40Hz ~ 200Hz


0.1Ω ~ 60MΩ

± (0.8%+2digits)



± (4%+8digits)

Frequency/Duty cycle


± (0.2%+5digits)

Temperature(K Type)



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