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DMM-ProfiLab 4.0

The DMM-ProfiLab-Software allows you to develop any measuring technology projects based upon digital multimeters: A simple curve plotter or a complex measuring technology project. By the integrated support of relay cards you are not only able to read and process measurement values, you can even react. You can create complete control systems! And for all this you don’t have to write a single program-line. You create your project just like drawing a wiring diagram. Simply add buttons, displays, etc. to your diagram and build your project step by step.

Diverse components like Y(t)-plotter, XY-plotter, data recorder, displays, counter or tables are ready to display or store your results of measurements. You create your project just like drawing a wiring diagram. Simply draw the needed components to your project and connect them, just like you want. So there is no limit, except your imagination. After you have finished your project, you can bring it to life with one click: Your project will be simulated in realtime. All incoming measuring values will be processed and displayed, just as you have defined it in your project. Of course, you can stop the simulation at any time, to edit your project.

DMM-ProfiLab is an easy to use software. After a short settling-in period you can use the software intuitive.For processing your measuring values, you can find many arithmetic and logic components in the library. Components like pulse generators, logical gates, formula-components, trigger, sample&hold, alarm clocks, etc. give you extensive possibilities to create even complex measuring technology projects.

The front panel
Just one click, and your project is getting alive: The simulation is running.During the simulation, you can control your project by a free designed front panel. All control-components like buttons, potis, etc. and all display-components like displays, meters or tables are present on the front panel.You can design the front panel just like you want. So you can create not only a good working project. You can design a good-looking application!

Supported hardware (DVMs)
The software is adapted to new multimeters, if necessary.


Supported devices in DMM-ProfiLab 4.0

   Download free demo version

  • Clean up function locates redundant wires
  • "Rubber bands" make editing more convenient
  • Component configuration at run-time
  • Full screen option for front panel
  • Improved design options for all controls (frame, background, ...)
  • Alphanumeric string processing components
  • Ramp generator
  • Controller components (PID controller, PI controller, ...)
  • DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange)
  • TCP broadcasting via LAN/WAN (Internet)
  • New, additional pen plotter (bitmap based)
  • Hotkeys front panel controls and switching functions
  • Virtual Joystick and wheel as front panel control
  • New LED with more shapes and new functions
  • Analogue delay component
  • Improved y(t) plotter with playback option
  • Extended formatting options
  • Strongly simplified data export for MS-Excel and MS-Word
  • Improved grid for front panel editing
  • Media player allows controlled playback of media files (Video, Wave, MP3, MIDI, etc.)
  • Automatic save and recall of internal component status (Flip-Flops, S&H, etc.)
  • Analogue increase/decrease component
  • Calculation of polynomial equations and other mathematics functions

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