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LochMaster 4.0

LochMaster is a developers tool for strip board projects. It has useful functions for project board design, documentation and test. There are components lists, a connection test, a editable library with a large number of symbols and components and many more useful features available.


All required functions like wiring, splitting tracks, soldering, placing components, etc. appear very realistic. The well-sorted and extendable library contains lots of material that can be placed on the board. Electric and electronic components, mechanical elements, symbols and labels are available. Even “flying” soldering points are handled. Have fun designing your next board with LochMaster!


  • Editable component library
  • Pre-defined and user-editable board templates 
  • Components list and order list
  • Grids and rulers with millimeters, inches and hole units
  • Linking external documents 
  • Realistic and schematic board representation
  • Board size up to 1000mm x 1000mm allowed
  • Banner printouts for huge boards



Board templates
LochMaster comes along with lots of predefined standard board layouts. You can create your own boards as well with the integrated board editor. Board sizes up to 1000mm x 1000mm are possible. There are some standard breadboard layouts available too.
Component library 
The integrated component library includes electronic components, mechanic elements, like screws, nuts and spacer and other symbols. The very realistic representation of the components, helps you to keep the clearness. You can edit and create your own components and symbols as well, to extend the library the way you like. An object assistant helps you to create standard components or other often needed contours very easily.
Properties and extra fields 
Convenient dialogsh make it easy to edit single elements or to change multiple components in one go. Additional documents like data sheets, manufacturers or distributors links, etc. can be added in extra fields.
Components lists 
LochMaster automatically generates components or order lists for your project. These are exported to Excel with a single click through DDE.
Potential test 
In test mode LochMaster follows the signal flows and helps you find wanted or unwanted connections. Wires, connections, and pins are considered and connected areas get marked. Potential points are available to mark nodes with certain potentials, like VCC, GND or other potentials with individual colours.
Front and back 
You can edit your project board in top and bottom view. The X-ray function helps you to see the components on the opposite board side. The schematic, black and white outline representation is helpful in many cases as well. LochMaster lets you rotate whole boards into the desired position in steps of 90 degrees. A stuctured object tree list offers access to any detail of your project.
You can print a component mounting plan as well as a mirrored construction aid showing the positions of track splits. A preview shows the result in advance and allows you to change the position of the printout or to activate the required print options. Generate different views of a board and arrange them on a single paper sheet or on several sheets just as needed. The banner function automatically spreads printouts to several papers, to fit huge boards together exactly. All print settings are stored together with your project file.

HPGL export
Owner of milling machines can take advantage of HPGL exports, containing drilling positions, milling tracks and track split positions.

... compared with version 3.0

  • Board size up to 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Three user-definable grids for mm , inch and hole units
  • Board rotation 90° and 180°
  • Extendable property dialogues with extra fields, usable as text variables
  • Property editing for several objects and components in one go
  • Linking local and Internet documents and datasheets
  • Support of UNICODE characters (international character sets)
  • New soldering point object allows “flying soldering”
  • Potential points and potential colouring
  • Copper- and component side editable simultaneously
  • Convenient zoom and scroll functions with mouse wheel
  • Individual view options for each board
  • Rotation and mirror functions
  • Object tree view for structured project view with edit functions
  • Export of drilling and milling data (HPGL)
  • DDE transfer of components list to Excel
  • Print function completely updated
  • Printout of several board views on one paper sheet
  • Individual print options for each view
  • Multi page prints for large projects (banners)
  • Print options saved with project
  • And other things…


... compared with version 2.0

  • Bitmaps allow a simple and realistic component design
  • File export for bitmaps or metafiles
  • A new view option allows to look right through the board
  • Improved Undo/Redo - functions
  • True colour resolution for pens and brushes
  • Integrated text editor for comments, components list, instructions
  • Editable board layout makes LochMaster usable with all types of strips boards
  • Lots of predefined board types
  • Improved test function also available for user-defined boards
  • Contour function for automatic bending, rounding and chamfers
  • Component assistant creates standard components with adjustable dimensions
  • Drillings and millings available for cut-outs
  • New, extended library revision with realistic looking components
  • Board dimensions up to 300x300 mm.
  • Improved printout of a whole project in one go
  • Extensive bitmap collection for component design
  • and other trifles...

... compared with version 1.0

  • Comfortable 32-bit version with long filenames
  • Several boards combined to one project stored in a single file
  • “X-ray” view makes components shine through from the opposite board side
  • Undo function
  • Unused areas of the board can be displayed
  • Several types of strip boards are predefined
  • Dockable tools offer customized toolbars
  • Exact board dimensions and borders adjustable
  • AutoSave option saves your work regularly

Prototype strip boards are available from...

.. and many others.

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