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Sprint Layout 6.0

Sprint-Layout - this software is getting more and more famous. If you need a software to design your PCB’s easy and fast, you can’t get away from Sprint-Layout! Many thousand satisfied users can’t be mistaken. Sprint-Layout with its marvellous handling is simply unbeatable! There isn´t any “ballast” making it difficult to keep the overview. The logical and understandable structure of Sprint-Layout is very easy to learn. You can concentrate to the essential thing: The optimized PCB design. 

Sprint-Layout gets you started immediately. Place pads or draw tracks just wherever you want - there are no limitations or restrictions. Work completely free, just like on a sheet of paper. This matches the new motto of Sprint-Layout: Just Draw It!


An excellent printout offers various options for DIY production. Commercial PCB manufacturers often support Sprint-Layout file format or Gerber/Excellon export formats. Sprint-Layout even creates HPGL files for isolation milling for owners of a CNC milling machine.


  • Extensive component library
  • Multilayer
  • Scanned copies
  • Import and Export of Gerber files
  • Pick+Place Export
  • HPGL Isolation milling
  • Design-Rule-Check
  • Point-To-Point Autorouter
  • Components list

Component library
The component-library is already filled with many common used components, either in SMD or in conventional through-hole-technology. The library is displayed in a well sorted treeview, so you don’t have to spend much time for searching a component. If a special component is missing, you can easily draw it by yourself just on your layout. After that you can add this component to the library. So this new component is always available. To use a component from the library, just drag&drop it to your layout. After that you can move, rotate or label the component like you want.

The quality of the screen presentation iis strongly improved with the anti-aliasing-technology. Edges are smoothed and the layout is looking much more realistic, even in small zoom modes.

Reticule with automatic-capture mode
The automatic-capture mode makes it easier to place pads or tracks. Whenever the reticule gets close to a capture-point, it will be captured to this point, and helps you to connect exactly. This is particularly very helpful, if some connections are lying out of the grid. The reticule also has a numeric display of the current coordinates. So you don’t have to wander with your eyes to another position and you have always the view on your layout.

Components and component lists
Sprint-Layout can display and manage the components including identifier and value. Of course there is also the possibility to show the component list. Each component can manage some additional data, so called “Pick+Place” data. With these additional data, Sprint-Layout can export Pick+Place files, which are necessary for the automated placement of SMD components on a board.

Free rotating
You can rotate all components or elements in any angle. This makes it possible to place your components in the best manner.

Automatic Ground Plane
This function fills unused areas of a layout with copper automatically. This accelerates the corroding process and saves corroding material. You may also use this function to create a screen for HF-boards. You can also define thermal-pads on the automatic ground-plane.

The Photoview
The photoview lets you take a look at your board as if it was already manufactured, with drillings, silk screen, etc. This helps you to find typically mistakes like wrong mirrored components or text. You can select which board-side do you want to view and display or hide the silk-screen. With the “x-ray” feature you can make the board transparent, so that you can see the other board-side shine through.

Test function
This function is very helpful to check your layout. You can click on any position of your layout, and Sprint-Layout will find all connected layout-elements, and light them up. This makes it very easy to check the signal flow of the layout.

Connections (Rubberbands)
With the help of the connections, you can simplify the routing process. Straight rubberband lines are used to indicate connections that have not yet been routed. This may help you not to forget any tracks. The rubberband lines are also helpful to find a suitable position for components. You may use them to avoid crossing tracks when placing the components on the board.

The Autorouter
There is simple point-to-point autorouter integrated in Sprint-Layout. This autorouter is able to connect two points of your layout. These two points are defined with a connection (rubberband). The autorouter was not designed, to generate whole boards at once. This is usually not possible. To create a proper layout, you have to design it mostly by yourself. The autorouter in Sprint-Layout is designed as an easy to use autorouter. You don't have to make obscure specifications and options. The autorouter is as simple as the whole software.

High resolution and accuracy
The resolution and the accuracy of Sprint-Layout was increased substantially. This concerns also the grid settings and the maximum zoom factor. It is now possible to define a grid-value up to 1µm. So it is no problem to design even very fine layout structures. Also the selection of a special grid-value with the grid-menu is very easy. Just select the desired value from the popup-menu, which is filled with all default grid-values, either in inch or metric values. Of course you can easily extend this grid-menu with your own-defined grid-values. You can change the current grid also with the numeric keys 1-9 on your keyboard. Thes keys are working as hotkeys with predefined grid-values.

Layer administration
Sprint Layout offers - for both sides of the board - a copper- and a silk-screen-layer. Optional there are 2 inner layers (for multilayer PCB’s) and an outline layer (for the outline of your board) available. The layers can be switched on and off whenever necessary.

Several boards
A Sprint-Layout file can contains several boards. So you can add all boards of a project to one file. With a single click you get access to any board of your project.

The Footprint-Wizard
The footprint-wizard helps you to create special footprints for components. You can specify the footprint-type and the parameters and the wizard creates your footprint automatically. Every footprint-type has different parameters. These parameters are displayed and explained in a little picture in the footprint-wizard. All changes that you made will be displayed in the preview immediately. If you have set all parameters, the footprint-wizard creates the footprint and you can place it on your layout.

The properties-panel offers the possibility to edit all important properties of your layout-elements without calling special dialogs. Besides you can edit here special properties like positions, etc. The properties-panel responds on the current selection on your layout. Just select the desired element and edit its properties directly in this panel. All changes that you make in this panel will be displayed on your layout immediately, so you can always see the result of your changes. With the help of the multi-selection possibilty, you can even change properties of as many elements as you like at one go.

The Selector
The Selector is a mighty tool. You can use it to search and select special elements on your layout. So it is possible to search and select all pads with a special shape or size. If the desired elements are selected, they can be changed in common with the properties-panel. The Selector can also help to analyze your layout. So you can list e.g. all tracks sorted by their widths. Such lists can help you to find unwanted elements.

Design-Rule-Check (DRC)
Because of little inaccuracies while a PCB will be produced, there are some tolerances and limitations to keep, to get a usable Board. These values are named "Design Rules". Sprint-Layout is able to check some important design rules, e.g. the minimum clearance distance between 2 copper tracks, etc. After a DRC is finished, all detected problems are listed in clear text and the problem-areas will be marked with a white hatch. Now you can examine the problems one after the other and correct them.

Scanned copies
You can load a bitmap in the background of your layout. This bitmap can be a scanned-copy from an existing layout. You can use this bitmap as an original to trace the layout. The bitmap must be available as a bitmap file (BMP or JPG). The resolution should be between 300-600 dpi. A pure B/W color depth is recommended, but not absolutely necessary.

Various options are available to print your layouts, solder masks, component-mounting-plans, silk-screens or drilling-plans on paper sheets or transparent film. The printout position is adjustable and the tile-option allows you to repeat the printout of small designs in x- and y-direction, to save film and material. The printout can be scaled. All changes you make will be displayed in the preview immediately.

Gerber / Excellon export
Sprint Layout produces GERBER files (RS-274X) that are used to exchange layout data with PCB manufacturers. Gerber files are supported by (almost) all manufacturers. So you don’t need films or something else to produce your boards. The drillings can be exported in the common EXCELLON format. With this feature you can drill your board automatically. There are many PCB-manufacturer, which accept Sprint-Layout files (*.LAY) in a direct way, so you don’t have to create Gerber or Excellon files by yourself.

Isolation milling
Sprint-Layout supports also the isolation-milling. In this case, the PCB will be produced using a CNC-milling machine. Sprint-layout is able to calculate all necessary isolation-channels. The output file will be exported in the HPGL format. You can use these files to load them into your milling-application and produce the board. Additional functions like drilling-outputs, mirroring or the option to define texts as singleline or outline, give you numerous possibilities.

The Sprint-Layout-Viewer
With this Viewer it is possible for any user to view and to print Sprint-Layout files. The Viewer is a free software.

The graphic representation of Sprint-Layout is substantially improved by the use of the anti-alias technology.

Higher resolution and accuracy
The resolution and the accuracy of Sprint-Layout is increased tenfold. This concerns also the grid settings and the maximum zoom factor. So there is no problem to design very fine layout structures.

Sprint-Layout is now able to display and manage components including identifier and value. Even a component-list is available.

Pick+Place data
Sprint-Layout is now able to generate and export pick+place files. These files are necessary for automated assemblies of SMD boards.

Gerber import
The possibility of a Gerber import allows you to load existing Gerber files and convert them to a ready layout in Sprint-Layout.

Multiselect - Simultaneous editing of several elements
With the properties-panel you can now edit as many elements as you want simultaneously.

The new selector is a powerful tool. With this tool you can find and select specific elements of your layout, and edit them simultaneously with the help of the new multiselect-function. For example, you can select and edit all pads with a specific shape or drilling.

Automatic capture mode
This new capture mode makes it easier to place pads or tracks. Whenever the mouse gets close to a capture-point, the mouse will be captured to this point, and helps you to connect exactly. This is particularly very helpful, if some connections are lying out of the grid.

While moving elements, the connected tracks can keep their connection, just like rubber-bands.

With the new rectangle drawing mode you can draw rectangles (tracks or zones) in an easy way.

The keys 1..9 on your keyboard are now assigned to (editable) grid values. So you can change between several grid values with just one keystroke.

New Crosshair
The new crosshair is now consistently involved in every action. It can display additional 45° lines and the numeric values of the coordinates directly on the crosshair.

Circular arrangement
The exact circular arrangement is a tricky and invidious job. Sprint-Layout has now a special assistant for that. You will only have to define the necessary parameters, and you can see the results of your parameters in a preview before you complete the action.

Thermal-pad vias
If you use vias as a thermal-pad, you can now define the thermal-pads separated for each layer.

Isolation milling
The isolation milling was completely revised. All individual jobs like isolation milling, drilling or cut-out will now be written in one plotfile. So typical problems with the origin in various files will be prevent.


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Marcel D. commented 10/22/2019

Got the download link very quick , great value for money software

Евгений О. commented 10/22/2019

Программа отличная но нет поддержки русского языка

Pedro R. commented 03/21/2019

I highly recommend this software, it is the best one i have used and easy to use and learn. It is the best value for the price.

Vince P. commented 09/17/2018

After trying many different high end PCB tools, I found that Sprint-Layout has the best workflow and well thought out features of all of them. Its the simple things that makes Sprint-Layout so much easier to use and makes creating PCB's super quick. I have sent almost a hundred different boards out to be manufactured from SL with 100% success (aside from my own design errors).

** The Continuity checker is awesome, hands down the best of ALL the other software I've tried. The blinking route clearly shows connectivity throughout all the traces (even through the ground and power planes).

** Making custom components is a breeze!

** Choosing and changing track and pad sizes are brilliantly simple and super fast. The properties tab has everything needed to quickly select and modify items.

** The Print screen provides high quality graphic output for testing component sizes and placement before sending board files to be manufactured.

** The Gerber export of all layers is completed with 2 clicks, check the boxes of the layers you wish to export and select the output directory... then select the Drill data. Thats it!

** DRC is straight forward and works well. Also very fast!

** Regular updates and bug fixes throughout the year.

** The cost of the software license is very affordable at $49 USD.

** The Footprint Wizard for is ridiculously simple and easy to use.


**Sprint has a photo view but No real 3D view with rotation and .stp component views , not a deal breaker but would be a nice feature! Also, Printing from the Photo View would also be helpful.

**Single track auto-routing does not automatically change layers when crossing over an existing track.

**Could use a larger component library.

** Although it can be purchased and run separately, there is No integrated circuit schematic design.

**Component placement needs auto increment of the ID. This can be a pain at times but I'm guessing this will be fixed in a future update.

It may not have full board auto-routing and integrated schematic design capabilities as the likes of Altium, Proteus, and DipTrace, but the simplicity and tool layout is so far more intuitive. I'm sure that this suite will continue to evolve and many of the minor features will be implemented in future updates and releases. Overall, its a great tool for quick PCB designing.

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