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CH341A USB Interface Module DIP28
Simply connect an USB jack (or cable) to the module and ready is the USB device. For example the module can be used as
  • USB-RS232-Interface
  • USB-I²C-Interface 
  • USB-Digital-I/O.
A great solution for your USB project.
The CH341A is made to interface different kind of applications to the USB, without any need of µC programming. It offers a I²C interface to peripheral IC´s like A/D and D/A converters, port I/O, etc. It also has a 8 bit bi-directional data bus with EPP and MEM protocol. This is suitable for example to drive HD44780 compatible LCD displays. The module can also be used to adapt RS232 projects to USB rapidly. The USB power supply for such applications often is another great advantage.
In RS232 mode a (USB-)COM port driver is installed. Other features like I²C, direct I/O, etc. are programmable with an API-DLL (Delphi, C, VB, ...). The chip is also supported by our software ProfiLab Expert 4.0.
The users external pin configuration selects one of three possible modes: Depending on the selected mode a certain USB driver is installed and the pin overtake different functions:
  •  UART (USB-COM port)
  •  PRINT (USB printer support)
  •  EPP / MEM / I²C / Digital I/O (Driver with DLL-API)
WIN XP/7/8/10, 32/64 Bit
Compatible with...

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