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netPIO / TEMP12
The netPIO / TEMP12 allows you to connect up to twelve digital temperature sensors (type Dallas DS18B20).
Data from twelve channels is transferred to your PC via ethernet. ONE temperature sensor can be connected to each of the screw terminals B0…B5 and C0…C5. Channels that are not occupied by temperature sensors, can take over alternative functions:
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • Digital input
  • Digital output
  • Alarm output
  • Sensor input (ADC) (channels C0…C5 only)
The device is delivered with a configuration software, which allows you to setup each channel. The configuration is transferred to the device and stored temporarily or permanently. So the device can work in a stand-alone application as well.A “HIGH” sense limit and a “LOW” sense limit can be configured for each analogue channel (temperature or sensor). If a channel value gets classified as HIGH or LOW, this can trigger an depending alarm output. For example a cooler could be activated if a temperature channel indicates “HIGH”. Channels that exceed its limits are also indicated on an optional LCD display. A standard LCD text display (HD44780) with 4x20 characters can be connected on Port D. Other display formats are NOT supported. The display will show value and status of all channels automatically. See datasheet for further information.

  • approx. 70 x 120 mm
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