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Here we offer our netPIO board fully assembled, but WITHOUT ANY FIRMWARE.
Developers can use the the netPIO hardware as a platform for their own applications.
The Ethernet interface is based on a MicroChip ENC28J70 chip can be controlled via SPI(SPI1) from a soldered ATMEGA168-20 microcontroller (μC1 - Communication Controller). A second microcontroller( µC2 - application controller ) - is a ATMEGA168-20 as well, but this one resides in a DIL28 socket.Both controlles µC1 and µC2 are clocked with 18.432 MHz (XTAL) and have their own ISP connector (6 pins) and  TEST-LED at Port B5 via jumpers. Free port lines of the application controller are routed to pin connectors an screw-terminals. Both controllers are connected via UART, disconnectable with jumpers Jx und Jy. A 5V voltage regulator is on board, as well as a protecting bridge rectifier. The module must by supply by an external power adapter (7-9V), which can be connected tothe DC jack or to the 9V screw terminal connector.
Please understand that we can not answer any questions on chips functions or programming. Information is available from the chips datasheets and there are serveral websites on the Internet related to this topics. Patch cable, DC power adapter and ISP programmer are available options.
Dimensions: approx. 70 x 120 mm

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