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The µPIO / FREQ is a comfortable 9-MHz frequency counter with additional features, like digital I/O, PWM output, pulse and clock generator and six ADC channels.

The module makes it easy to interface digital sensors with pulse output signals, like speedometers, flow sensors, revolution counters, energy meters, light barriers, etc.

A free application software is available to control the device, allowing simple data readings through DDE.

  • Compact AVR board with Atmel ATmega168-20
  • High speed clock frequency 18.432000 MHz
  • 100% error free High baud rates
  • Screw-terminal and pin connections
  • 6 pin ISP connector
  • Power supply (+5V) via USB or external
  • 3 LED: USB power, COM (RxD) , USER (Port B.5; can be disabled)
  • SOFT-RESET via DTR signal (can be disabled)
  • USB-B connector
  • USB chipset: CH341A
  • Virtual (RS232-)-COM driver (VCP)
  • System requirements: WIN XP/7/8/10,  32/64 Bit
  • Dimensions: approx. 70 x 45 x 15 mm


  Documentation and driver... 


Compatible with...

 ProfiLab Expert 4.0

 RealView 3.0 

Optional: Modul enclosure without / with flange



Optional: USB cable , 1,8m, black

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