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The /PWMIO18 firmware works as PC interface with 18 digital I/O lines with adjustable data direction. All I/O lines can generate a 8 bit / 50 Hz PWM signal, as well as blink and pulse signals. 
 Port D can be used to control servo drives. It generates a 50 Hz-PWM-signal with a pulse duration of1..2 ms for that purpose.Servo and PWM outputs are controlled by software, by ADC inputs or by an internal ramp generator.Ramps and pulses can be triggered with Port B signals.I/O lines are grouped to six ports (Port B, Port C, Port D).
Each I/O line can be configured for alternative purposes:
  • Port B0…Port B5: Digital I/O, PWM, Blink/Pulse output, 6x Trigger input
  • Port C0…Port C5: Digital I/O, PWM, Blink/Pulse output, 6x ADC
  • Port D2…Port D7: Digital I/O, PWM, Blink/Pulse output, 6x Servo
In addition Port C voltages can be read with a 10 bit ADC


System requirements

  • WIN XP/7/8/10, 32/64 Bit


  • approx. 70 x 45 x 15 mm


  Documentation and driver...


Compatible with...

 ProfiLab Expert 4.0

 RealView 3.0 


Optional: Modul enclosure without / with flange 


Optional: USB cable , 1,8m, black

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