Business customers, schools, universities, authorities, etc. may choose written order, instead of using our shop system to receive any shop item they like, for same conditions and prices as offered here.

Feel free to send your written order via

  • FAX (+49 4222 946671)

  • EMAIL with attached order (INFO@ABACOM-ONLINE.DE)

  • LETTER ( ABACOM-Ingenieurgesellschaft, Wittekindstr. 2A, 27777 Ganderkesee, Germany)

 Make sure your order is complete and contains the following...

  • Name and contact to person that places the order  (Phone / Email)

  • Invoice address

  • additional delivery address, if any

  • List of orderd items with price and quantity

For software products you must decide wether you prefer DOWNLOAD or CD-ROM delivery option. 

For download items we require

  • the licensees full postal address

  • the email address for delivery and licensing process

First orders and deliveries abroad from Germany require prepay. You´ll receive an invoice in advance for that purpose.

EU customers (not Germany): To receive a VAT-free (value added tax) invoice, please do not forget to quote your valid VAT-ID in your order.