For help and support please call our service +49 4222 946670 from monday-friday, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CET. Most questions can be answered quickly on the phone. If possible please have your PC system and software in reach. You can send us an email as well. Please make sure that you have installed the service update for your software listed below.

Many FAQs have already been answered in our support forum as well. Feel free to join our forum to learn more about our products or to discuss your related topic. Most of the stuff is in German language unforunately, but feel free to post in English language as well. Please find our Elektronik-Software-Forum here. 

These service updates do NOT upgrade your software to a higher version. Never try to increase the version number with these updates.  If you require a chargeable upgrade to a higher version of your software, please contact us.

Below you can find the latest service update for your software product. We try to publish new releases as soon as possible, whenever changes had to be made. The menu item "Internet Update" in your software leads you to the service update directly as well and keeps you up-to-date automatically. By the way the file date of the executable indicates if you already have installed the latest version.