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ProfiLab-Expert 4.0

The ProfiLab-Expert software allows you to develop your own digital or analogue measuring technology projects. It doesn’t matter if you want to create analogue measurements or digital controls - you can realize it all. And for all this you don’t have to write a single program-line. You create your projects just like drawing a wiring diagram. Simply add buttons, displays, etc. to your diagram and build your project step by step.

ProfiLab-Expert is the powerful combination of DMM-ProfiLab and Digital-ProfiLab.
The ProfiLab-Expert software offers all features of both single products and many more functions like the integrated compiler and the extensive hardware support.
The new version 4.0 is full compatible to older versions. You can load and edit your old projects.

ProfiLab-Expert is an easy to use software. After a short settling-in period you can can use the software intuitive.For creating your projects, you can find all arithmetic and logic components in the extensive library. Logic components like gates, pulse generators, flipflops, counter, register, ram, rom, etc. or arithmetic components like trigger, sample&hold, formulas, alarm clocks, etc. gives you extensive possibilities to create even complex projects. Components like Y(t)-plotter, XY-Plotter, data recorder, displays, counter or tables are ready to display or store your results of measurements.

You create your project just like drawing a wiring diagram. Simply draw the needed components to your project and connect them, just like you want. So there is no limit, except your imagination.

After you have finished your project, you can bring it to life with one click: Your project will be simulated in realtime. All incoming measuring values will be processed and displayed, just as you have defined it in your project. Of course, you can stop the simulation at any time, to edit your project.

Front panels
During the simulation, you can control your project by a free designed front panel. All control-components like buttons, potis, etc. and all display-components like displays, meters or tables are present on the front panel. You can design the front panel just like you want. So you can create not only a good working project. You can design a good-looking application!



Supported Hardware
You can use a wide range of hardware devices with ProfiLab-Expert. The new version supports several hardware (multimeter, internal cards, external devices). Every hardware will be displayed in your project like a normal component. You only have to connect it! During the simulation, the hardware will work together with your created project.

List of supported hardware devices in ProfiLab-Expert 4.0



Compiler included
ProfiLab-Expert is equipped with an integrated compiler. The compiler can create executable files for stand-alone applications that run on systems without ProfiLab-Expert. The distribution of these compiled applications is unlimited, so ProfiLab Expert becomes a complete and professional developers system.


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