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This universal low-budget USB module is suitable for the construction of control units, consoles, test devices, etc., in which sensors, potentiometers or analogue sensors are to be monitored. It is also very easy to control indicators, LEDs or relays with suitable driver circuits. Convenient screw terminal connections facilitate the construction of prototypes. In addition, post headers with a 2.54 mm pitch allow easy integration of the module into own circuit boards, perforated grid boards or breadboards.

The µPIO / GPIO18 works as USB interface with 18 digital I/O lines. The data direction for each line is programmable (18 GPIO). All lines use 5V TTL level. I/O lines are combined to ports B, C an D. Each port offers six I/O lines.

  • Port B0…PortB5 Digital I/O
  • Port C0…PortC5 Digital I/O = ADC 0..5
  • Port D2…PortD7 Digital I/O
In addition voltages at port C lines can be read with an internal 10 bit ADC.


System requirements

  • WIN XP/7/8/10, 32/64 Bit


  • approx. 70 x 45 x 15 mm

    Documentation and driver...


Compatible with...

Optional: Modul enclosure without / with flange


Optional: USB cable , 1,8m, black

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