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RealView 3.0

It´s never been easier to log data into diagrams. RealView records data from measurement devices and shows a live plot on screen. Make your computer a powerful but inexpensive data recorder.

Log data from any channels you like into one single diagram or assign it to multiple plotters just as needed. Take advantage of the various colour options to create perfectly styled diagrams. If necessary, the software adapts any linear sensor and converts the measured variable and its unit as required. Sample rate can vary from 5 ms up to 30 minutes. There is no duration limit for your measurement, except the space of your harddisc.

RealView gets you started easily.

Many measurement devices from well-known manufactures (purchase separately) can be used with RealView. Especially the combination with our USB-ADC interface is very popular for a wide range of applications. Thanks to a simple serial protocol, you can even log data easily from your µC-based DIY project (Atmel, Arduino, PIC, etc.).

  • Endless recording in practice
  • Clear and individual diagrams
  • Helpful marker and zoom function
  • Formula module
  • Linear sensor adaption
  • Automatic triggers 
  • Cyclic storage
  • CSV export e.g. Excel data transfer
  • Detailed printout

Have a break
The Pause-button lets you analyse your curves, while the recording continues in background. You can zoom into interesting sections, measure some special regions or perform other actions. Another click returns to the live display.
Special zoom
Special zoom functions calculate best display ranges for your curves automatically. 

Markers let you examine curves very precisely. Place them wherever you like. Differential values in X and Y direction are displayed any time. Markers make it easy to read differential values of a plot, to determine the amplitude and period, or even to calculate the integral of a sampled signal.
Automatic functions 
Start, stop and save your measurements automatically. Define a threshold value to start plotters triggered by incoming values. A defined measurement duration stops, saves and restarts plots automatically and helps you to split long-term measurements into intervals of hours or days.
Curves - Channels 
Every curve corresponds to a channel in a plotter. Channel settings are editable in a clearly structured dialogs. Each channel is assigned to one certain device input. Color, width, unit and channel name are adjustable. A auto-range function supplies well readable values (like 1,23 mV instead of 0,00123 V). Channels can be calculated with formulas from other channels. For example you multiply a voltage channel with a current channel to a resulting power curve.
Channel list 
Each plotter has got its channel list on the left, that lets you add or delete channels, show or hide single channels and edit channel properties. On top of the channel list current sample rate and display rate are shown. A meter displays the current input value of each channel. You can select one common scale or seperate scales for each channel on the Y-axis.
Smoothing curves 
A signal smoothing can be activated, taking very light, up to extreme effect on each channel. The low-pass filter cuts of disturbing noise.
Each plotter caption shows most important information like start time, stop time, number of measurements or used memory.

RealView is equipped with a comfortable print preview. The preview shows the diagram of the currently selected plot. Move the diagram to the any position on the paper you like. Changes of the print parameters take effect on the preview immediately. Comments can be added to the printout. The “Endless-form” option prints long curves over several pages.

Improved CPU-usage - Better performance
The internal timing and interrupt functions were completely new designed. This guarantees a better performance and the CPU capacity utilization will be significantly lower.

Signal-Smoothing function
The signal smoothing can be adjusted from very low to extreme for each channel. So you can display e.g. trends, without any disturbing noise. The function works similar as a low pass.

The fullscreen-view displays a plotter on the complete screen, without any disturbing windows, menus, toolbars, etc. The so gained usable area of the screen is considerable.

This new running mode simulates the well-known method of a heartbeat-monitor. A beam is always running from the left to the right and updates the plotter. The advantage of this method is, that no flickering scrolling is necessary.

New displays
Each channel can now show additional displays. Beside the numeric display there are also a min/max and a tendency display available.

Digits after decimal point
You can now edit the number of digits after the decimal point for each channel. This increases the clearness, because there are no unneeded digits which makes the reading of the values more difficult.

You can now log your measurement values during the recording in a special ASCII-file. This file can be used from other applications to get access of the measured valuse.

Formula calculation
Each channel can be calculated by a free formula. You can use almost any general mathematical function like +,-,*,/,sin(),cos(),abs(),int(),ln(),log(), etc. You can even use the numeric values of the other channels in your formula.

Hardware: User-Interface
You can use this new hardware device to define a simple serial protocol and use it with your own designed hardware. This not only works with the serial port, you can use it even with the USB port over the "virtual com" function of many USB devices.

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