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ProfiLab WebServer 1.0 (DOWNLOAD)

The ProfiLab-WebServer 1.0 is an add-on product to our current ProfiLab-software. With the WebServer it is most simple to publish ProfiLab projects on local networks or on the Internet.


The front panels of a ProfiLab project are transformed to a live html web content,
accessible with any web browser.


Typical applications are home automation, remote measurements and measurement publishing, remote controls, etc.The WebServer works together with DMM-ProfiLab, Digital-ProfiLab and ProfiLab Expert, as well as it works with compilations made with ProfiLab-Expert.

Incoming page requests and published projects are displayed for diagnostic purposes. Simple password protection can be activated. Normally the server runs in background, minimized to the so-called notification area of the Windows taskbar and will not disturb your daily work. Convince yourself of the WebServer performance. A demo version is included in the latest version of our ProfiLab products.The WebServer software can be purchased from our web shop only available as a download-version. Not available on CD-ROM. English and German version is included.


System requirements (Server):

  • ProfiLab 4.0 software

System requirements (Client):

  • any network computer with Internet browser

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